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Saturday, October 31, 2015

DIY Pac Man Ghost Costume

If you have a teenager, you know they love the group costume. This year, Phoebe and her friends decided to be Inky, Blinky, and Pinky; and then they got their friend Patrick to be "Pat" Man. For those of you who need a refresher:

OK, Phoebe is genius for preying on my weakness for '70s pop culture. On top of that, I loved that my cowardly child had found a way to dress up as a non-scary ghost.

Here's an easy and economical group costume. We started off with the inspiration:  

Before you question the need for a ghost dress, understand the teenage girl mentality: you're too mature for the cumbersome cardboard cutout costume, and you want to look pretty. But alas, finding three a-line dresses in the appropriate colors for cheap proved impossible.

Enter the Michael's big t-shirt for $2.50. After combing through all the DIY shirt-to-dress transformation tutorials on the Web, I finally decided to keep it simple. Instead of cutting, I treated the t-shirt as a giant tube top and tied the sleeves:

Just make sure you get a shirt at least two sizes bigger than what you would normally wear. For example, Phoebe is normally an XS adult, so she is wearing a L here. The idea is to have enough material to create an a-line dress instead of a tight sheath. Throw a black t-shirt under the "dress" (you can argue that it's the black screen of the video game; plus, I'm pretty sure tube tops are a dress-code violation at most schools) and you're done!