Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to Wrap Flowers for a Gift: Part Deux

Looking for an easy way to present grocery store flowers? You can wrap them yourself, see the following post:

Or simply stick them in a wine bag! I stumbled on this nifty idea when Chloe needed flowers pronto for her BFF's performance. She pays for gifts herself, so she's on a budget. We found beautiful African roses at Trader Joe's, but the plastic wrap was meh.

While pulling out the craft paper to wrap the flowers in something sturdier, I found a wine bag in my stash of gift wrap/gift bags. Hmmm, tall and slender like the roses. I stuck the bouquet in and they were a perfect fit. The monochromatic flowers, tissue, and bag was just dumb luck.

The bag allows the flowers to stand up
during transport.

So easy and so cute!

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