Monday, July 30, 2012

Martha Stewart Fleece Bone Hoodie Review

Did you know Martha Stewart has a line of pet products at Petsmart? When I caught a glimpse of the clothes I nearly died. So cute! I've been eyeing the barn jacket for wet fall mornings when Luna goes for a walk:

As luck would have it, the Martha Stewart dog clothes were 20 percent off this weekend. We picked up the barn jacket as well as this adorable bone hoodie:

We had planned to take her to an outdoor concert in the evening so we thought the hoodie would help keep her warm. Because she's part chihuahua, Luna gets cold easily.

Luna weighs about 5 pounds and her back measures about 10 inches. We got her a size S. We tried the XS on her but she got really mad and nippy, because it was a bit snug. For those shopping online, here's the size chart from the tag:

XS 7"
S 9"
M 13"
L 17"
XL 20"
XXL 23"

The sweatshirts is a cozy fleece (100 percent polyester) and although she fought us at first, she seems to really like it. There are snap buttons at the neck which gives you a nice large opening at the neck to get the sweatshirt on.

  • At one point, the hood covered her head and eyes so Luna freaked out.
  • About half an hour into the concert, Luna got really overstimulated so we put her in her crate. Her lower teeth got stuck on the snap buttons and she freaked out again so don't leave the sweatshirt on your unsupervised puppy.

The verdict:
Overall, this is a fashionable yet simple piece of clothing without any attachments that a mischievous puppy can bite off. Ideally, I envisioned a more form-fitting item so Luna can't get her paws tangled in the sleeves but she still has some growing to do so this should be less of an issue when she's bigger. At the sale price, this sweatshirt is a much cuter alternative to the tacky clothes at most pet stores.


  1. Thank you for writing about MS pet clothes! I am deciding whether I should buy a sweater for my Maltese and your post helped a lot! Luna is absolutely adorable!!!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Luna outgrew her MS sweatshirt and I got her some Gooby brand dog clothes. Luna has a Gooby fleece sweatshirt and parka. They have an O-ring sewn onto the back for you to hook your leash, so your dog doesn't have to wear a harness over the shirt. Such a good design! Here's a link: You can go on the Gooby site for a size chart. Their clothes run small. Luna, who is 9 lbs, wears a medium. Good luck!