Friday, July 27, 2012

Free Puppy Toys

It feels like every day I'm buying treats or a toy for Luna. Yesterday, we plucked a plastic bottle and yogurt lid from the recycle bin, and she had a grand ol' time for about an hour! We had to confiscate the yogurt lid after about five minutes, as Luna could probably have bitten off a piece of the flimsy plastic.

The bottle lasted longer. We used a sturdy Snapple ice tea bottle. Just remove the label and plastic cap. Don't forget the little plastic ring. We had to remove that after we noticed Luna almost got it off herself. She rolled the bottle, chased it, carried it around, and chewed on it. We had rinsed the bottle with warm water, but maybe she could still taste some residual ice tea because she kept poking her tongue into the opening. To make it more stimulating, we added a few kibble. It took her about five minutes to figure out you have to tip it to get the kibble out.

We tried a water bottle before but it was too soft and crushable. A Calistoga sparkling water bottle had a long neck that was too frustrating. Somehow the Snapple plastic bottle was just right. 

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