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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DIY Egg-Crate Organizer

Have you seen this cute stoneware egg crate from anthropologie?

Lately, I've noticed versions at Target and Crate and Barrel. If you plan to use this in your kitchen, by all means get the stoneware. But if you want one to organize jewelry or desk supplies, why not make your own for practically free?

Cardboard egg carton
Acrylic paint
Paint brush
White glue
Paper bowl

Step 1: Cut egg carton to desired size.
We made ours 2 x 6.

Step 2: Cover egg crate with acrylic paint.



Step 3: Hang to dry.

Step 4: Seal with homemade Mod Podge and
let dry. You can use real Mod Podge but we
ran out so we played around with white
glue: 2 parts glue + 1 part water.


If you get an 18-count egg crate or one of those 36-count trays, you can fashion an even closer copy!

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