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Saturday, March 31, 2012

How to Wrap Flowers for a Gift

So I scored the $1.67 daffodils from Whole Foods but didn't have the nerve to ask someone to wrap them up. Here's what I came up with at home. (I had to do it on the sly in the garage because the flowers were a post-performance surprise for Chloe, so pardon the rubber floor tiles.)

craft paper or cellophane wrap
rubber band
clear tape

Step 1: Cut craft paper to about the
length of flowers and twice the width.

Step 2: Fold paper in half lengthwise
at a slight angle.

Step 3: Lay flowers on center of paper
above rubber band. Fold a triangular
shape from one side of paper.

Step 4: Fold the other side. Pull taut.

Step 5: Wrap end of paper around
to the back and fasten with tape.

Step 6: Cover rubber band with ribbon.

Step 7: Tie bow.

Cone of sunshine!

You can do this with flowers from the farmers market or your own garden. Now you're ready to brighten someone's day with a simple gift. For an even easier way to present flowers, check out this post:


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