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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to Make a Jewelry Display Case

My husband hates shopping. The crowds, the bright lights, and the overzealous perfume sprayer send him into a cold sweat. Usually he gives up and I get gift cards from Amazon or electronic gadgets. Once in a while he’ll surprise me with a winner: an Elsa Peretti bean necklace from Tiffany’s. Sure, I love the dainty necklace. More important, I use it as positive reinforcement for buying me jewelry. Imagine my distress when the last time I dug around in my jewelry box for my necklace, I discovered not one but two knots in the chain! How did this happen?! My habit of stuffing things away haphazardly in the linen closet, the kitchen drawer, and now my jewelry box—out of sight, out of mind—was catching up with me.

I vowed to find a solution to organize the chaos in my jewelry box. Although I appreciate the idea of repurposing everyday objects, such as egg cartons, ice-cube trays, and muffin tins, for jewelry storage, I wanted something that would not only organize my pieces but also display them attractively. Here’s my easy solution.

12” x 12” Shadow-box frame (available at Target, $9.99)
12” x 12” Cork squares (available at Target or OSH, $7 for a pack of 4)
Duct tape
Straight pins
1/2” screw eye hooks, available at OSH
5/8” screw eye hooks

Step 1. Place shadow-box frame face-down on table. Remove the back of the frame, plastic insert, and glass from the frame.

Step 2. Replace the glass with a cork square. Replace the plastic insert and back of the frame. It may be a struggle to secure the tiny metal prongs at the edge of the frame, as the cork is thicker than the glass. (Note to Target: Why can’t you make the metal fasteners a wee bit longer?!) The cork is spongy though, so make it fit!

Step 3. Tape the edges of the frame securely with duct tape. Trust me, I found out the hard way that you can’t count on those tiny metal prongs to hold the whole project together. Don’t worry no one will see the back. Be sure to cut out a notch in the duct tape for the wall hanger on the back of the frame.

Step 4. Here comes the fun part. Insert the straight pins and screw in the hooks in any configuration that meets your needs. I used straight pins that I found in my sewing kit for 15” to 18” necklaces and two 1/2” eye hooks for each pair of dangly earrings. I added some 5/8” eye hooks that I found in my husband’s toolbox to hold heavier necklaces, a bracelet, and a cocktail ring. I like eye hooks because you can leave them closed for hooking French-wire earrings or open them up with pliers to hang bigger pieces. You can experiment with different hooks from the hardware store. If you’re partial to earrings, you can customize your frame to only include small eye hooks. Pay attention to the length of the screw, as your cork board is only 1/4” thick.

Step 5. Hang your display case on the wall and admire.

I hang my jewelry case above my dresser. Now when I get ready in the morning I’m more likely to choose a necklace to wear, because everything hangs neatly out in the open. Best of all, no more untangling knots!

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