Sunday, September 4, 2011

J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer

Schoolboy Blazer in Eyelet $49.99

I've been wanting to add a blazer to my wardrobe but blazers make me think boardroom and I haven't worked in an office since 1998. This summer version in cotton looks so relaxed and the eyelets add a girly touch. I call it the un-blazer, a good alternative for those who prefer cardigans. It comes in smoky graphite or white. I chose the smoky graphite because it pairs nicely with white shorts or a white t-shirt. I can also see the neutral shade with yellow, pink, green. Also, the blazer is lined so that means dry clean only. And who are we kidding here? I would probably splatter spaghetti sauce on the white one the first day.

Some things you should know before you order the Schoolboy, currently a final sale item, which means you can't return it:

It's a very boxy fit so if you prefer a longer jacket, this one's not for you. I ordered the size 0 and judging from the shoulders, it runs TTS.

Also, I use the term jacket loosely. Although it's lined, the fabric is so thin that it's more of a glorified shirt, which means you can only wear it in the spring or summer. Considering I got it for $49.99, I'm OK with a thin blazer. I'm wearing it as much as I can with shorts, capris, jeans until fall. If you like the boxy fit, the Schoolboy comes in flannel and velvet for fall.

Finally, I tried pushing up the sleeves the way J. Crew styled the model and although this is probably the one blazer that's soft enough to do this, it felt a little too Miami Vice for me so I ended up quickly pushing the sleeves down when I was in public.

Pros: Relaxed, pretty eyelets
Cons: Very thin, boxy fit, dry clean only
Verdict: Final sale item so must keep


  1. And what's wrong with looking like Crockett?!! :)

  2. Allen said the Crockett look belongs to him.