Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Forever 21 Trench: $21!

So I'm at the mall cashing in Chloe's birthday gift cards from Hollister for fall sweaters. Yes, my daughter seems to have inherited my husband's disdain for shopping. Good thing they have me! On my way to the car, I pass by Forever 21. A giant yellow sign advertises jackets for $21. What?! $21?! OK, I expect a cheesy unlined sweatshirt "jacket." But no, this trench coat looks pretty substantial. The shell is 51 percent polyester/49 percent cotton and it's lined! Even Old Navy wants $54 for a trench coat.

I tried on the size S/P in navy and found that there was room to spare for a sweater. I was too giddy about the price to check if they had an XS. In any case, the sleeves on the S fit me. There's a belt for me to cinch at the waist if it's too roomy sans sweater. I'm thinking this will be a fashionable jacket for rainy days. One odd thing about the jacket: the belt is really long. I'm not sure if this will become a nuisance, but worse case I can always remove the belt and wear it as a pea coat. For $21, I'll deal with a long belt. The jacket comes in khaki, navy, and I think I saw a mustard yellow. Sorry, I honed in on the navy and didn't look around much.

I never shopped at Forever 21, because for some reason I thought they were a cash-only operation. Sadly, I didn't even have $21 in my wallet so I went up to the large sign posted by the register to investigate but found that it only explained the return policy. I asked the cashier if they accepted credit cards and she said yes! When I expressed my glee over the incredible price, the friendly cashier smiled knowingly with a We-get-that-reaction-a-lot look and explained that it's a yellow tag special, meaning they only have what's in the store and they won't get more once they sell out. So hurry and get yours!

P.S. Here's the catch about shopping at Forever 21: The cashier told me that even with a receipt, you can only return things for store credit or wait for a check in the mail.

Pros: Classic trench only shorter and cuter, $21!
Cons: Long belt, polyester blend (noisy, but then again, maybe good for rain)
Verdict: A keeper

Look how cute with my lemony loafers!

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  1. I got this trench too. Great find and made very well. I am also noticing a difference in the quality of their merchandise. They're improving!