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Friday, August 5, 2011

How to Prevent Weeds from Returning

Poor hubby has been toiling away in the backyard every chance he gets. After we had our backyard paved two years ago, we failed to fill the planters. As a result, weeds quickly overtook the place. I'm talking about scary mutatnt weeds taller than Phoebe with prickly stems and crawling insects. Shudder. I never went outside, because the backyard was too wild. We tried homemade weed killers: spraying with a vinegar-water solution, pouring boiling water, squeezing lemon juice. Maybe our weeds were so huge and hearty that these home remedies had no effect. In the end, it took good old-fashioned digging by Allen. Needless to say, we don't want him to ever have to do that again.

Allen thinks it's obvious how to prevent weeds but I'm posting the directions for people, like me, who don't have much experience with dirt.

Step 1: Pull weeds.
Step 2: Lay down weed blocker.

Step 3: Cover with mulch.

Looks so much neater! Now when we decide what to plant, he'll cut a hole in the weed blocker, put the plant in the dirt, and replace the weed blocker and mulch. Without sunlight, the weeds can't grow. So far, he's planted watermelon and peonies. Does anyone have advice on what else to plant?

Crazy watermelon vine
Tiny watermelon!

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