Thursday, August 11, 2011

Brace Face

Chloe got braces this morning! Sigh, feels like baby has officially become a teenager. How did this happen?! Parents, give your little ones extra hugs today. They really DO grow up too fast.

Prepped teeth

Clutching Kate

Painstakingly placing each bracket

Kate getting squeezed

Still cute!

So far, Chloe's eaten frozen yogurt, clam chowder, and a peanut-butter cookie. She broke off a small piece of cookie at a time, sucked on it, and mashed it against her teeth. Chloe said her favorite cookie got reduced to disgusting mush. Too bad she doesn't like congee (Chinese rice porridge), because there's a nearby restaurant that sells it. Tonight's menu: creamy broccoli-potato soup and chocolate milkshake.


  1. Love the glasses!!!

    from the moirs
    P.S Chloe you look marvelous
    from charlotte

  2. You look great, Chloe! I sent you an email.

    from, Ariella