Sunday, July 10, 2011

J.Crew 5" Chino Shorts in Modern Red: Best Shorts Ever!

I almost never wear red because, it seems too dramatic and shouts, Look at me! Look at me! This red complex probably has something to do with my mom who insisted on dressing me in red, because she thought it looked good against fair skin. As a reaction to being forced to wear red as a child, I favor muted tones: charcoal, taupe, mustard. In any case, if you're shy about wearing red, an easy way to add it to your wardrobe is in small doses: red shoes, red tank top, red lipstick. And now red shorts!

If you're skeptical about the versatility of red shorts, yesterday morning my daughter looked at me and said, "Mama, that's like the third day you've worn those shorts."

In my defense, I'd like to point out that it is my daily goal to NOT sweat so I'm sure they're clean. More important, I love these shorts. They look so fresh and, as the name of the color indicates, modern. Modern red is a bright orangy red. I like it more than classic red with its blue undertone, which feels more conservative. This red has a yellow undertone that is much easier to wear, because most of us have some yellow in our skin, and feels sporty. Also, let's face it, shorts are for summertime so save the classic red for your holiday sweaters and scarves. Even if you think this is too bright for your taste, remember you're not wearing it next to your face. Besides, these are shorts so you're not committing to a lot of fabric.

OK, now that I've talked you into the red, these shorts were not dirt cheap. Their regular price is $45 but I got them on sale for $35. I probably could have waited for them to go down even more but I saw so many possible outfits that I decided it was worth the splurge. I have to confess that in the good ol' days I wouldn't have batted an eye at paying full price for something I loved. Now that I'm older and wiser with a closetful of clothes, two kids, and a mortgage, I have to justify each purchase I make. If I can't off the top of my head imagine three ways to wear the new item, it goes back on the rack. No matter how much the store slashed the price, if it sits in my closet, it's a waste. So off the top of my head, I thought, "White t-shirt, blue tank top, black + white striped boat neck. Sold!"

I've found that modern red plays well with many colors: red + white (no-brainer), red + navy (very Parisienne), red + muted pink (girly):

with a navy tank top

with a muted-pink blouse

As for patterns, stripes (black + white), florals (blue + white), and gingham (gray + white) in a neutral are easy.

Another foolproof way to wear these shorts is with a pattern that has some orange or red in it.

Whether you're someone who loves color or someone who favors neutrals, a shot of modern red will inject new life into your wardrobe.

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