Thursday, June 16, 2011

Toms Shoes Review

It's Chloe's first day of summer break! What better way to celebrate than with a new pair of summer shoes. We decided to give those popular Toms shoes a try. Chloe chose the classic slip-on in an army green. The new nautical red stripe wedge (candy cane!) caught my eye. I had originally planned on trying the black wedge, which have that Parisienne feel, but they didn't have my size. Apparently, these shoes are so popular that Nordstrom has trouble keeping them in stock. But don't fret, Nordstrom offers to order the color you want online and have them shipped to your house no charge. The salesperson brought out the ash (gray) for me to try on for size.

The Verdict
Classic wedge: Considering that it's a 3-inch wedge, they are surprisingly comfortable--very cushiony. The tough decision was whether to go with the candy-cane or the solid. In the end I chose the gray because the shape of the toe box felt wider. If you look closely, the classic wedge with the heel has a square toe, whereas the candy-cane stripe with the cork heel has a pointier toe. I already have long narrow feet, so I don't want to enhance that. Because of the long feet problem, I sized up from my normal 7-1/2 to an 8.

Classic wedge in ash with basketweave heel

Candy-cane stripe with a cork heel--so cute!

Classic flats, Chloe weighs in: SO comfy and so cute! The flats feel like a pair of house slippers or flip flops. The bottoms are very cushiony, and the tops are very flexible; I could even do ballet in them! These shoes also stretch to fit many types of feet. I have wide, and not too long feet. At first the shoes looked too narrow for me, but they easily stretched to accommodate my feet. However, they do run a bit small, so you may want to get one half size up. I am usually a 7, but could not get my foot into that size, so I ended up getting a 7-1/2. As a bonus, the 7-1/2 came in gray, which I liked even better. I wore them around all afternoon, and my feet were overjoyed! Not only are they surprisingly soft, but they also spice up any regular outfit! I have to say, these shoes have got sole. Haha, punny . . . :)

Classic slip-on in ash

In terms of value, the wedge seems reasonable for $68.95. The slip-on is a bit pricey at $43.95, especially considering Phoebe's reaction when she saw Chloe: "Those look like hobo shoes!" However, when you buy a pair of Toms, the company donates a pair of shoes to a child in need so in essence you're paying for two pairs of shoes, which makes the price reasonable.

Coming Soon: Want to hear more from Chloe? Now that she's on summer break, she's agreed to write for the blog. Stay tuned for tutorials on friendship bracelets and origami stars. I think I can talk her into writing some movie reviews, too!


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