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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DIY Silly Putty

Phoebe came home all jazzed because she made silly putty during the polymer rotation of Science Day at school. Here's how to do it:

Step 1. Dissolve about 2 tsp of Borax (available in the
detergent aisle) in a jar of water. Have a few
teaspoons of Borax on hand in another jar.

Step 2. Fill a dixie cup about halfway full with glue.

Step 3. Add about 2 tsp of Borax water into the glue.

Step 4. Stir with a wooden chopstick.

Step 5. Your glue should start to form a glob.
If it feels too thick to stir, you can add
a few drops of water. If it feels too thin,
add some more Borax water.

Eventually, it will look like a soft marshmallow.

Step 6. At this point, you can add some
food coloring if you want.

Step 7. Once your glob is the consistency
of a marshmallow, empty it onto a piece
of wax paper. Knead it with your palm. You
can dip it in some water if it feels too hard.

Step 8. Work it with your fingers until
it becomes pliable and shiny.

Step 9. Put your glob in a plastic bag to dry.

Check it in about an hour. You made putty!

Once your putty is dry, you can play with it. It even bounces! It's more rubbery than Play-Doh and doesn't dry out. Go Science!

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